We are excited to announce that the Donut Haus is going to re-open in Estes Park. 

We are partnering with Lois Marth and the Donut Haus 2 in Loveland. We bought the Donut Haus from Lois Marth nearly 12 years ago.  We were simply looking for a business to operate in Estes Park.  We saw the Donut Haus as a great opportunity to have fun as well as to make a living.  We quickly realized we were taking on the responsibility of an Estes Park institution, a legacy.  We have been determined to maintain the high standards and traditions that had become the Donut Haus.  We have done our best to live up to that responsibility ever since.   It has been our joy to be a valued part of the Estes Park community.  We were heartbroken when we came to the realization that we were unlikely to be able to afford to relocate the Donut Haus business operation after CDOT condemned and acquired our property.   

We have been overwhelmed with well-wishers since we announced in July that we would be closing.  So many customers and members of the community have expressed their regret.  In addition, many interested parties have reached out to us about buying the Donut Haus name.  For us, selling the business is not just about putting money in our pockets.  It is about continuing the Donut Haus’ unique recipes, refined techniques, and high-quality standards.  We could not bring ourselves to sell the name without a commitment to preserve the Donut Haus legacy.   Moving the business and building a new commercial kitchen were out of reach, so we felt we had no option but to close.     

Lois Marth and her business partner, Mary Ann Domico, own and operate the Donut Haus 2.  Like us, they want to see the Donut Haus tradition continue in Estes Park.  Long-time residents will remember that Lois started out working for Dieter D’Alquen at the Donut Haus in Estes many years ago.  Ultimately she bought the Donut Haus from Dieter and later she opened the Donut Haus 2 in Loveland.  She has maintained the same great traditions of the Donut Haus while growing the Loveland business location and serving the same great Donut Haus products.  In our conversations with Lois and Mary Ann, we all realized that, along with Dieter, we are the six people who have committed to keeping the Donut Haus tradition and high standards going.  So we have decided to pool our resources to take the Donut Haus legacy in Estes Park farther into the future!  Even though we do not have the ability to move and build a commercial kitchen in a new location in Estes Park, we will partner with the Donut Haus 2 to provide us with the same products that everyone has enjoyed over the last 44 years.  We will keep the Donut Haus unique recipes and refined techniques in house, and we will continue to provide our products fresh every morning! 

We are pleased to announce we are working with the owners of Tiny Town Eagle Stop/Sinclair to relocate our retail location into their store.  They have offered us a very generous lease agreement and we are very thankful to them for their enthusiastic welcome!  Watch for us on U.S. Hwy. 36 – we will just be a littler further west, and on your route into Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Obviously, we still have work to do in terms of building out our new space, moving equipment, and getting fully set up to start serving our wonderful community again.  We plan to re-open by Christmas (if not sooner – fingers crossed!) with our original Donut Haus products made fresh each day and, as always, served by our great local kids.   We are looking forward to seeing you again soon! 
THE DONUT HAUS will be open at Tiny Town Sinclair on Friday, November 29 from 6am-12pm!!! 

Tiny Town Sinclair is located at 860 Moraine Avenue, just a little further along toward Rocky Mountain National Park from the former location of the Donut Haus.

The current plan is to be open there on Saturdays and Sundays from 6am-12pm until Christmas.  Watch this space or follow on Facebook for further news.

THE DONUT HAUS will now be open at Tiny Town Sinclair Thursdays through Sundays from 6am-12pm!!!