The first incarnation of the Donut Haus was a Phillips 66 gas station over 50 years ago. 
In 1975, the gas station became the Donut Haus.  Dieter d'Alquen developed the original recipes, which quickly became favorites of residents and tourists alike.  The original recipes are still in use today. 
It had always been a dream of ours to have our own business and live in Estes Park, where we spent so many wonderful vacations as children.  We felt very fortunate when we were given the opportunity to own a business with as rich a history as the Donut Haus.  We purchased the Donut Haus in 2008 with a strong commitment to maintaining the tradition that began in 1977. We hope that you will enjoy our products and help keep the tradition of the Donut Haus alive.
Karen, Diane, and Katy
The Donut Haus Crew, Summer 2015