Buttermilk Cake Donuts
Made fresh daily with our signature glaze or 
finished with a variety of icings and toppings

Yeast Raised Donuts       
Glazed, chocolate, sugared and sprinkles

Filled Donuts       
A variety of filled, yeast raised bismarks and long johns
Glazed with cherry, sugared with raspberry, vanilla iced with lemon, and chocolate iced with white angel cream

Donut Holes
Raised glazed donut holes and cake donut holes


Cheesecake Roll
Lightly fried butter roll topped with fresh cheesecake and cinnamon  

Gourmet Cinnamon Roll
Decadent baked cinnamon butter roll, topped with pecans and our signature glaze

Sticky Bun
Caramel sticky bun topped with pecan halves
Available only on Saturday and Sunday or by special order

Nut Rolls
A traditional cinnamon roll with dates rolled into the 
dough, fried, iced with chocolate, maple or vanilla
 icing, and topped with pecans  

Apple Danish Roll
Our special version of the apple fritter - a big cinnamon roll with fresh sliced apples, fried and glazed

Fritter Patties
The traditional fritter patty in apple 
or raspberry  

The roll for any chocolate lover - raised dough with cocoa powder mixed into it, then glazed and drizzled with chocolate icing

Our very own Estes Park "bearclaws" shaped like a ponderosa pine cone - raised dough rolled with cinnamon, then fried and glazed  

Fried Cinnamon Rolls
The classic roll, simple and always tasty - 
raised dough rolled with cinnamon, then 
fried and glazed

Pretzels take the cinnamon twist to the next level - a cinnamon twist is shaped like a pretzel and finished with either chocolate or maple icing

Classic glazed cinnamon twist, sugar cinnamon twist, or raspberry bow tie twist  

The traditional long john, supersized - raised dough finished with maple, chocolate or vanilla icing


Cinnamon Twist
Our famous cinnamon twist bread also  
makes great toast and french toast
Slightly sweet dough is rolled with
cinnamon and sugar, then buttered and 
coated with cinnamon sugar
Cinnamon twist bread freezes well, and 
can be shipped to you to enjoy a taste
of Estes Park at home
   (Available in a reduced sugar version)